Job Description

Audi R8 Spyder, this vehicle received our Signature Detail. The exterior received a thorough three-stage wash, followed by a chemical and mechanical decontamination.Upon inspection of this vehicle we were able to determine, a very light polish for would remove minor swirl defects in the paint. Upon completion paint finish was coated with Ceramic Pro Light & 9H which provides upto 5 years of protection.

The interior of this vehicle is kept in Immaculate condition, however it is still in the best interest to clean and condition the leather. Thus removing foreign oils and grease, then feeding the proper minerals and oils back into to the leather to allow it to stay supple and hydrated. Performing this type of maintenance will preserve your vehicle’s interior and exterior for years to come.

Projects Details

  • Three Stage Wash
  • Chemical and Mechanical Decontamination
  • Ceramic Pro Light & 9H
  • Sonax Leather Conditioner
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