Job Description

2017 BMW X6M, this vehicle received a full new car prep detail. Along with a 2 stage polishng process. Even though this is a new vehicle straight from the dealership. You’d be surprised that many dealership vehicles or brand new vehicles for that matter have many defects already installed on the painted surfaces. After removing these unsightly defects, the vehicle paint is now at optimal clarity for the installation of Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film.

We consider our installation process a hybrid, where we use pre-cut patterns where necessary as to avoid cutting on the paint. Along with installing other panels in a bulk format to achieve a truly customized installation. This way with this customization we are able to wrap a high majority of vehicle edges. Allowing for nearly undetectable leading-edges.

Once the installation of the paint protection film was completed, the vehicle’s interior underwent a full interior detail. Rejuvenating the leather and treating it with Ceramic Pro leather. All carpeted surfaces were as well treated with Ceramic Pro textile interior coating. Giving this discerning client maximum protection on the interior and the exterior of this vehicle, producing a spectacular outcome on a luxury vehicle of this nature.

Projects Details

  • Wash and Decontamination
  • 2 Stage Paint Polishing
  • Fully Wrapped In Suntek Ultra PPF
  • Ceramic Pro - Leather & Textile
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