Job Description

This Range Rover Autobiography was meticulously detailed. Performing our three stage wash process, taking the vehicle’s paint through a mechanical and chemical decontamination.

After which we began rejuvenating the black metallic finish, polishing it to perfection removing unsightly paint defects. To return this vehicles outer appearance back to its luxurious glossy glory. Topping it off with a healthy coating of Feynlabs ceramic paint sealant. Which will protect this vehicles exterior through our fall and harsh winter months.

And finishing off this rejuvenation, by carefully detailing the cream leather interior. Restoring that supple feeling. Protecting it with Feynlab ceramic leather protection. All carpeted surfaces were then coated with a spill resistant ceramic textile coating. Once all work was completed, it yielded fantastic results that you see before you!

Projects Details

  • 3 Bucket Wash
  • Mechanical & Chemical Decontamination
  • 2 Step Correction: Compound & Polish
  • Feynlab Ceramic Paint Sealant
  • Feynlab Ceramic Textile Coating
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