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Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings!

Markham’s premier choice for premium Vehicle Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film and Automotive Window Tint Installation!


  •      I brought my 2018 VW Golf in for Spectra Photosnyc and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Fabian was amazing to work with and answered all my questions. He is passionate about his work and the product he carries and it shows in the overall quality of the finished product.  I would recommend Fabian to anyone looking for excellent customer service and an amazing end product and finish.  The attention to detail and the experience he brings to the auto tinting, film and coating industry is unparalleled.Andrew R.
  •      Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings is a fantastic place to take your care for PPF (he does ceramic coatings also). Fabian was very professional from the start and answered all my questions. I had a partial front wrap, rocker panels, front of windshield, door cups and trunk lip done with Xpel Pro done on my Volvo. He did a thorough inspection of the paint on the car. He pointed out potential issues with the paint on a section of the car that wasn’t going to be wrapped and suggested ways it could be fixed/protected. The work was excellent and is reflected in the shop which is clean. You will however have to leave your car a couple of days as Fabian is meticulous and makes sure that the film adheres properly. On my way to pick up my car, I was left stranded by public transportation in the general vicinity of the shop so Fabian came and picked me up – it was a cold windy day in March, so I was very appreciative. I agree with another post which says that the company does excellent work, pays meticulous attention to detail, that Fabian is very professional and carries himself with integrity! I highly recommend Evelyn Protective Films and Coatings for paint protection and excellent workmanship!P P
  •      Fabian installed full front end paint protection on my cherished 2015 SRT 392 in 2017. This was after another service provider did a terrible job. The old film was removed, scratches and knife marks left by the other service provider removed and the new protective film properly applied. Fabian went as far as applying additional protection over the bumper pad in the area of the trunk as a no cost value add. There was one small lift around the cold air intake on the hood caused by high water pressure in a drive through car wash that Fabian rectified right away, no charge. If you want paint protection applied right and the extra customer service touch go to Evelyn Auto. Outstanding work!Scott S.
  •      TESLA owners! No detail missed with Fabian! What a pleasure to work with. In December I had my Tesla Model X completely protected with a full body coverage xpel wrap and ceramic coating on all surfaces, including windows and tires. I commute long distances and drive often to the cottage with dirt roads so I decided this would be worth the investment to protect it from rock chips. So far I am thrilled at the outcome! I am more than happy with how easy the car cleans after a good spray down from all of the road salt, and how long it stays clean for! I can see the ceramic coating in full effect when the water beads off the surface. I can’t wait to see it shine this summer when I can have it dealtailed! Thank you for your wonderful customer service, a real pleasure to deal with. I have already promoted you on the Tesla forum. See you in a few months for my maintenance check up.Samantha A.
  •      Fabian is the BEST PPF and ceramic installer in the GTA. He went over and above what I expected and he’s honest, professional and a stickler for details. Absolutely would call on him again for anything car related.

    Model 3 Owners Club

  •       Have been dealing with Fabian for many years. The reason is that I’m a perfectionist, and he is too. When you love your car, you have to be able to trust the people touching it. Fabian is one of those people.Ian
  •      Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings is perfection at it’s finest! I wanted Prestige Spectra PhotoSync window tint installed on my brand new Bolt EV because it is one of the best tints to keep the heat out and Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings had this great window film. Contacted them and spoke to Fabian the owner and he answered all my questions and put my mind at ease with installing this window film on my new baby. From beginning to end Fabian was very professional and courteous and he was so meticulous with the installation of the window film I couldn’t be more thrilled. Anyone interested in having window film installed on their vehicle, I am definitely telling them to go to Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings and see Fabian.DIANE
  •      I have a 2017 Mustang and the car looks better then ever and stays cooler in the summer with the ceramic tint. I was referred by a friend and Fabian was very patient and explained all the different options and suggested what would be suitable. He is professional and meticulous and really cares and takes pride in his work. Highly recommended!JOHNNY
  •      I was impressed how fast Fabian was able to get all of the windows in my car tinted. I used someone else for my previous vehicle. The fine detail in the odd window curves is so much better this time. And the film he uses is amazing. I wear polarized sunglasses and I got used to rainbows in my old car. I have confidently recommended Fabian to my customers and friends.LORNE
  •      Got my Truck hood and fender wrapped also did the ceramic coating . Excellent craftsmanship. The corners and folds were so well done that it is unnoticeable. The shine is still brilliant even after a hard days work. I just hose the truck off and it’s like new again. They are very accommodating . Knowledgeable about their products they use and honest in business. The downside to this is you may have to do without your vehicle for a few days. But it truly makes your investment shine. I was so pleased with the work done on my truck, I also got my wife’s car done also. Highly recommend this shop for all detailing of my vehicles.Mike D.


The Works

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Before we place any products on your vehicle, we do our own real world testing.


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