A beautiful colour with stunning orange and red tones! Now protected with the industries most optically clear PPF by Prestige Films. ClearGuard Nano SR. And fortified by Feynlab PPF and Self Heal Lite Ceramic Coating.

2018 Tesla Model S, dressed in the best we have to offer. Spectra PhotoSync is an industry leading heat rejecting window film, ensuring full vehicle comfort. We then ensured the front end of the vehicle protected from the roads ahead with ClearGuard Nano SR and Topped with Feynlab PPF Ceramic Coating. Rounding out The Works Service is our top shelf ceramic coating Feynlab Self Heal Plus. Adding extreme gloss, mind blowing hydrophobic water behavior and outstanding self healing capabilities.  Heal your paint from minor wash marks and towel marks that happen during the wash, drying and after care process.

We have been protecting Tesla’s since 2015! And still going strong!

2018 BMW M5 – Stance, Power and Design! This beautiful machine came in to be treated to our Full Frontal PPF Package and to be dressed with Feynlab’s Self Heal Lite Ceramic Coating. Enjoy!

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Traveled in from Buffalo NY, for our Total Coverage Package with ClearGuard Nano SR topped off with PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coating by Feynlab. Wash, Decon, One step correction. BOOM!

2018 Audi RS3, fitted with ClearGuard Nano SR and Stek Dyno Matte Paint Protection Film. Full Frontal plus Rocker Panels. This Nardo Grey paint finish is now protected for years to come!

After a couple thousand kilometers this Tesla Model X decided to stop in for the works. Receiving a two stage paint correction, our Total Coverage paint protection film package, a healthy layer of Ceramic Pro light and a pretty nasty dent was removed from the rear lift gate. Returning this neglected finish back to its beautiful glossy and metallic glory, that it once was. Stunning!

2017 BMW X6M, this vehicle received a full new car prep detail. Along with a 2 stage polishng process. Even though this is a new vehicle straight from the dealership. You’d be surprised that many dealership vehicles or brand new vehicles for that matter have many defects already installed on the painted surfaces. After removing these unsightly defects, the vehicle paint is now at optimal clarity for the installation of Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film.

We consider our installation process a hybrid, where we use pre-cut patterns where necessary as to avoid cutting on the paint. Along with installing other panels in a bulk format to achieve a truly customized installation. This way with this customization we are able to wrap a high majority of vehicle edges. Allowing for nearly undetectable leading-edges.

Once the installation of the paint protection film was completed, the vehicle’s interior underwent a full interior detail. Rejuvenating the leather and treating [...]

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